Mitsib Leasing Center "Clinic cab" taxi consulting solutions help Thailand ". MITSIB LEASING led by examiner Putnam baby Yong Chai reserves Chief Executive Officer. (CEO), said: Clinical taxi As a means to treat illness will go to the hospital or clinic. Such projects are held to a taxi driver. He suffered Starting from the communications group of people. And opening wider It is a call center. A telephone number for contact There are specialists who have the knowledge to provide information to people who call us all about the accessories. In the taxi Such as changing tires, suspension The Tax Act. Things that we have problems with taxis available. Such as a breakdown or where to contact you. Or was it an accident, do not call the call center. You examiner Putnam baby Yong also said that reserves the finish. The group currently has a customer base of us. It has built up the line, which will reinforce our own customers. And non-customers. Including a label relations at various points. As sales offices in all the stickers to track and stations. NGV - LPG. The test that We have real knowledge and can not advise or provide assistance or not. The clinics we set up a taxi. It does not have to claim benefits in any way. But information alone but we really do for society. Those credentials to the call center as an officer of the company who has the background and experience in the cab. The engine problem Problems with the equipment, which is very skilled. And the rest Such a breakdown would have to ask to lift travel. The Tax Act. What are the conditions for the government. It can be claimed The problem is not only the artisan alone but our comprehensive services. If the point where the authorities do not know, but it is not recommended to go to find information and call back to find out what the customer has left the matter there. We have a more clear now. Center or Call Center. Call 096-702-8787. Located friendly companies by the leasing company will be open from 09: 00-17: 00 am. There are 2 official of the garage that has been coordinated by the various Navy. Effective repair to customer service and affordable taxis. By focusing on price, quality and trust. Bangkok and its vicinity Suddenly the taxi driver into the garage, he generally will not be repaired. Because most of the repair and the repair of the car. A contract with an insurance company And have to wait longer to repair. The other project will do to society indefinitely with large projects. To the planned reduction in the year 2559, it will be more training in English as a 2nd and 3rd by the English language. Last feedback is quite good because the people who attend the training. Back when I was a foreigner can apply knowledge training to communicate with foreigners. Because when we serve him well, we communicate with him about. Many foreigners like to tip well. To cheer on the ridiculous The people who attend are 2 tip here after training and submit a photo to see if the passengers were foreigners to tip 200 baht after the taxi clinical success. It will provide financial literacy training. The taxi driver is very important. Because people who came to buy a car and pay it to us. It has a number of non-payment due to us under the contract. If the percentage is about 20%, they are asked why they are keeping in mind that each person has many problems, but I have some family accident. Such separation causes mental state was not working. Or family illness Causing the hold period end, the car payment does not have to return the car back. The company has been collecting this information. When a vehicle from us. Then there are problems in the way the engine or equipment, but that does not mean that we are not good. The product out of the Toyota plant. We do gas and change color according to the law. When the function of some devices. Then problems arise If you consult with the company. The companies that we have enough help. We would be happy to assist you at no cost in some cases. Some cases also share in the responsibility for maintenance. But everything must be based on reason. Because some customers to talk with reality. We will continue to provide us with both the car and a red car, if the car is used by many to be repaired free of the friendly LEASING also aware about safety. Which is studying the issue of GPS signals in the car when the passenger cab. You can hold the phone toward the family. If you take a taxi What color is the car's driver, who was able to make people feel safe to take a taxi. Women and children on a taxi, do not worry. Use of private cars will be less, this is the view of the product can be. Development services to rise Provide security Social problems are reduced The government also permits driving. Government should be capped at a training seminar for English language training with a driver. The taxi is our first defense. When visitors enter the country apart. From the airport When it comes to taxi across before. Once the driver services are good communication about the fair, passengers will love it, but at present I must admit that Thailand speech communication with foreigners rarely venture. But I'll tip I'll pay If you are well trained and the government. Conditions to more The driver made a knowledge of the subject matter of the rules. It was a real treat. You can recommend places to visit in Thailand. Without expecting anything in return. Pension Commission or from various locations. Wat Phra Kaew travel, however, there is nothing better. Just introduction to interest tourists will benefit. Or even in the car, it can be advertising the attractions of Thailand. Such as installing LED televisions mounted on the vehicle. In coordination with Tourism Thailand take place pretty open to foreign tourists to see the beauty. Visitors will have to decide whether you want to travel, which attract tourists interested in the sights as well. This is exactly the idea. During the study, and the procedure for obtaining permission of the government. Believed to be a good omen of a taxi Thailand that has developed groundbreaking technology certainly Source: Focus News.