Book now! 🔥 Pro before this opportunity. I have not come to you, as often as 😍. Taxi Red Low down payment starting at only 55,000 Baht only finished down. Immediately after putting the car There is no added cost # Receive special offers plenty of other friendly ten leasing branch # Free - the color of the cab - Upholstery leather coverings local area - gas installation of NGV,, LPG - Equipment taxi the OK - free of charge -. free Insurance Act. - taxi T - petrol coupons --------------------------------------. --------------------- 🔴 ask you promos here 👇👇👇 📱02-743-8787 (headquarters) 📱02-743-8633. (Srinakarin Bearing) 📱02-464-2914-5. (Branch Suksawat) 📱02-853-9553 (intra branch).