“It's All About Taxis at Mitsib”
We have the answer for all your questions.
1How long does it take to process the application after it’s been submitted?
The completed application form and support documents will take up to 5 working days.
2How much is the reservation fee?
5,000 baht for brand new taxis and 3,000 baht for second hands, which will be a part of your down payment.
3Is it possible to apply for Mit Sib loan if i have credit history and listed on credit bureau report?
Mit Sib will not cross check credit history with credit bureau. For more information regarding bad credit history and credit bureau, please contact 02-743-8787 ext. 23,24,25
4What support documents is required for loan application?
You will need ;
• 4 copies of I.D. card
• 4 copies of Household Registration
• 4 copies of Public Automobile Driving License.
• A copy of yellow card (if applicable)
5What support documents is required for loan guarantor?
You will need ;
• 2 copies of the guarantor I.D. Card.
• 3 months bank statement.
• Salary slip for the last three months or Employment verification letter stated monthly income. (either one)
6Can i apply for the loan without a guarantor?
You can, if you apply for a fund equal or below 60% of car price. For more information, please contact 02-743-8787 ext. 23,24,25
7Can i sell my used taxi back to Mit Sib?
You can, with the conditions supplied.