“Mitsib Leasing” Committed to Thailand taxi business leadership coupled with comprehensive credit.

Mitsib leasing providers sell new taxi. Taxi sale Including credit services to taxis and public transit plan announced in 2561 to develop the business forward cab Thailand. Along with being the leading provider of credit solutions. Support and promote the drivers cab. I hope the quality of life and provide a stable and sustainable. With the theme "One-stop service" , Mr Laws Putnam baby Yong reserves Chai, Chief Executive Officer Friendly ten Leasing (Thailand), said that in the year 2561, the company continues to meet the goals of the company is heading. develop Business Taxis Thailand Along with being the leading provider of credit solutions. Support and promote the drivers cab. Kg for a stable and sustainable quality of life. As well as the distribution of taxi cabs available credit and loans, commercial motor vehicles. In all its forms, providing "One Stop Service". "Our services Cover the needs of customers cab perfectly. Continues Development of new business customers to the operator or provider of public transport to the other types. The company aims to build on its success with customers. The shareholders will experience. We choose good quality and presentation, but the cab. Can benefit riders Provide safety and comfort for passengers. Under the slogan All taxis Have a Mitsib Leasing .... "Mr. Law said Putnam baby. The company carefully selects only the best quality taxi. Can be beneficial in providing the rider. Taking into account the cost And the safety of the driver and the passengers they serve. With the installation of the equipment is inside a vehicle. But also maintain the correct standard bus of the Department of Transport. So all are driving safely. The red taxi Type yellow Taxi and Red Type green and yellow Down payment starting from 90,000 baht , "We are a center of distribution taxi. Taxi and car loans Including loans held in commercial vehicles. Loans and other types of performance. By serving as a "One-stop service" in Bangkok and surrounding provinces as well as major cities in the country, "Mr Laws said Putnam baby. The Company also has a taxi used in good condition. It is a service of the company. The feedback from customers is very high quality and attention to detail, whether it is to check the car thoroughly before disposal. The warranty period of the car as well as a service center for the maintenance of friendly taxi every ten are scattered in many areas. Can provide assistance in a very short time. With a team of skilled, experienced in working height. We are ready to deliver services efficiently. In addition, the company also offers loans for car parks. And loans to public Its purpose is to provide assistance and support to persons who have professional driving career, all public. To be able to move forward to success and the goals you intend it to be Mr Laws said that in addition to putting baby in the taxi service available credit, the Company has call centers in custody checks. And the maintenance of friendly taxi every ten. Is provided by a team of expert technicians with tools that can provide full service. And guide them properly immediately. It also offers standard color taxis are available as well. Net profit for the past 3 years, from 2557 to 2559 and the first 6 months of 2560 is equal to the amount of 12.54 million Baht 15.33 million Baht 62.27 million baht and 30.70 million baht respectively. Representing a net profit margin was 5.02 percent, 4.64 percent and 12.82 percent, 13.00 percent in the year 2557-2559 and the first six months of 2560, respectively.