MITSIB Supports Education Project to Host the First Love Project

On October 5, 60 Mitsib ten Leasing (Thailand) led by examiner Putnam baby Yong reserves Chai, Chief Executive Officer and Employee-friendly ten Leasing Co., Ltd. (the Company) has donated school supplies and. a luncheon for the children's school Kalong. Epreg in. Bo District. the project in Manila "I love to share the friendly" No.1 you Yong examiner Putnam baby's human rights Chai said. The company wishes to support education to schools and students. To needy Therefore, school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, school uniforms, shoes, etc. to donate to the school's first Ka for this project. It also concluded that For this great project Are held constant, of course 👍. Current school Kalong Students from kindergarten until now. 6, 8, 96 teachers were somewhat dilapidated state of the school building. The party possessed of the school said. This is the first event The school received a donation of this size. Feeling overwhelmed and delighted at the friendliness of ten. This event was held 😘😘 Facility for activities "hostile to the exclusion of his love" with a smile. And laughter The friendly team of ten siblings. Do you have to play games with fun giveaways to give so much love to share my ten-friendly project No. 1 finish with euphoria. The team attended the event say the same thing. But I was happy to see the smiles of the children. And are willing to participate in the future to 👏👏👏.